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Shana Moulton (*1976, USA) works in the media of video, performance and installation. Since 2002, she has been developing the multi-part video series Whispering Pines, in which she appears as Cynthia, an alter ego who searches for meaning and fulfilment through home decor, various paraphernalia and cosmetic rituals. Through psychedelic spaces and serial storytelling, with language drawn from advertising and pop culture, Moulton explores in particular the desires, hopes, wishes and insecurities of stereotypical images of women in the digital age. In Whispering Pines 10, Moulton's performance is accompanied by an original score by composer Nick Hallett. The video is an adaptation of their opera of the same name, which toured very successfully throughout much of the US.
The FURNANCE OF ENERGY ASSIMILATION is the inner strawberry's microbiome.It's digesting, decaying, healing, infecting. It’s moment to moment. Breath to breath. "I can’t think about the future in the furnace. All I can do is pray I’ll survive."

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