A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse!
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Christl Mudrak's (*1972, DE) artistic work is about spaces that affect the viewer physically and psychologically. She creates expansive, mostly painterly works that test the perceptual capacities of the viewer. Ecstasy and the sense of being overwhelmed play an essential role in overcoming rehearsed thought patterns and breaking new ground outside one's own comfort zone. Interactive processes with collaborators and passers-by, but also with animals and plants, allow her to reveal authorship as a connecting and communicative element in the deep understanding that a satisfying writing of reality can only be developed collectively and across species. 
For Musée de la Fraise, Mudrak deals with the erotic love songs of the Song of Songs, which, in ambiguous, figurative language, emphasises above all the perspective of the woman in seeking, finding and longing. The motif of the garden plays a central role here. The walk into the garden is established as an image in which the noblest plants, such as strawberries and roses, develop and which is described at the same time as a closed place. On the green strip on Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse, she creates such a Hortus Conclusus as a painterly installation.
Hosted by Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e. V., Berlin. Supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds, Neustart Kultur, Bonn.

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