Zoologischer Garten
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Käthe Kruse (*1958, D) was a squatter and is an icon of the 80ties art scene. As the drummer of the group Die Tödliche Doris, she performed, among other things, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1987 and took part in Documenta 8. As someone who alternates between visual art and music, she says: "For me, career means to have been there for 40 years and to keep going." Käthe Kruse has two daughters, with whom she has performed together since 2011, addressing autobiographical themes such as her abortions, reading out war dates, or singing songs from the 1980s. This intergenerational approach, the transmission of matriarchal knowledge as a driving force of social progress, is a key quality of the Musée de la Fraise. Käthe Kruse starts precisely there. Through her installation work and speech and sound performances, she creates audiences and draws them out using provocative means. 

Kruse places herself in the middle of social fields of tension and picks them apart, often using documentary material. At Zoologischer Garten train station, Käthe Kruse will create the installation "WIR:" in her strawberry stand, using photo, text and sound documents that discuss topics such as abortion, women's rights - for example in Afghanistan –, and transgender issues, presenting them personally to passers-by on site. The artist will be there in person at her installation from 21 - 25 September. 

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