We Will Imprint Ourselves
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The world in which Laure Prouvost (the granddaughter of Grand Ma, FR) lives is full of fantasy, creating a universal resonance. She is best known for her humorous and poetic narratives that mix facts through a variety of media including performance, video and sculpture, layering fragment after fragment to create new meanings and explore alternative forms of communication. Her immersive installations and performances submerge the viewer in both fiction and reality. For example, at the centre of her exhibition Ring, Sing and Drink for Trespassing in 2018, a large breast fountain was waiting to feed visitors. The crossing of boundaries and the playful joy of savouring them characterise all of the artist's work in this regard. 
For Musée de la Fraise, Prouvost – in a work entitled We Will Imprint Ourselves – has visitors walk through topsoil on two bronze shoe sculptures, which she herself designed and that have soles in the shape of breasts, in an act of inscription, visualisation and de-tabooing.  

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